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Youngstock Barn



Show name- Prancer's Starlight

Barn name- Starlight

Breed- Thoroughbred/Lusitano cross

Color- buckskin

Age- 2

Sire- Templado

Dam- Prancer

Trained in- is going to be trained for jumping

     Starlight is a  mischievous little yearling that just loves to cause trouble and run around. He especially likes to run with his mother, and likes to play tag with his father.





Show Name: Breaking Dawn

Barn Name: Fizz (or Dawn)

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Color: Red Roan

Age: 9 Months

Sire: Big Chex to Cash

Dam: Smart Chic Olena

Trained In: Is being halter trained at the moment.

       Starlight is a very gentle and sweet horse. Except for when she was being weaned at  6 months, at that time she was a royal brat, and still is most of the time. But the times she is not a brat, deep deep down, she is the most gentle little filly around. She loves her mother more than anything. She also loves to run and play in the fields. (and sneak jolly ranchers from the girls) All in all, she has amazing potential and speed. She loves being at Cattle Creek and loves all the people here.