You Can't Have A Good Horse, Unless It Gets The Best...

Penny Copper Bar

Penny Copper Bar

I finally got my horse!!!  Penny Copper Bar, which is her registered name, we just call her Penny. She is a 15 yr. old Quarter Horse mare, standing at a bout 15.6 HH. she is super sweet and gentle, she walks up to you in the pen and lets you tack her up without a fuss. she wont do anything at ALL that you can't handle, she will push you to the edge of your expierence. she is not so easy that you have to do anything, you have to work to get her to do what you want. there is pictures of my sister riding in the fields and me warming her up in the 'round' pen. (its not really round, lol its like a joke, its very oddly mishapen)

This page will be all about her and will have pix of her and such on it. And also about all my animals, 4-H, yada yada yada.

 below: my new addle we got for $275!!! i loooooooove it! its neeeeever been used its brand new!







 Above: This is a picture I took of my cousin Belomie and her bay Quarter/Paint cross mare Lucy. Lucy is one of THE best horses you will ever find.


 Above: Turn your head so you can see the pic! lol. This is Sophie. She is one of Shayley's horses. She is the deaf one. lol. And the little paint head you see in the back, thats 2 year old Norman. He is literally dumber than a box of rocks, and that is not even an exaggeration.

 Above: This is Twiggy, my dad is holding her. SHe doesn't look very tall in this picture, but just take my word for it. That little pink mounting step in the back? They bought that just to get on Twiggy.  Her back goes like almost two inches over my head, and I am 5'8. Try lifting a heavy show saddle covered in silver on her. lol


 Above: Prez and Penny. They were focused on a colt getting lunged across the street. lol

 Above: You all know Lady and Sketch.... Well meet, Doug! haha Douglas is a two or three year old German Short Hair that adopted us. We have had him for three weeks. He just showed up at the house and won't leave. We are still posting flyers and asking around. But he is THE sweetest dog on the face of the planet, except my wittle Lady Baby! lol


 ABove: The paint mare and the sorrel one year old are two of the horses my aunt and uncle are boarding. The other is a tiny, old black mare. They are all sick cause the owner is a retard and won't take care of them. My aunt and uncle are going to ask him to board them somewhere else, because they don't want to keep those horses near there horses. The colt is one and STILL hasn't been weaned until like, three days ago. The bay mare is Lucy, and the black dog is a border collie mix Budger.

 Above: Budger! He is deathly terrified of cell phones. Its so funny. Every time you go to take a picture of one he slips in the shed and hides in the place he hides from thunder. He is the SWEETEST dog ever. Like seriously, the little babies can crawl all over him and he just lays there. He is old, he is my uncles. But my grandpa loves him to death.


Above: This is a pic of Butch's, my cousins new dog, eye. Its half brown half blue, its awesome! lol His other eye is all blue. He was abuse a little at his very first home, then his second home he lived in a city, and the lady had kids and they all loved him to death. But the kids were just little and did not know that they were scaring him when they jumped all over him. So the lady gave him to my uncle. He is an Australian shepard, and he is really sweet. He loves to cuddle. lol


 Above: Butch and Budger.

 Above: Penny's mane... I HATE IT! They said they were just going to even it off. And i didn't even want that, but they ended up doing this! THEY CHOPPED IT ALL OFF!!! Its knotted in this photo. We were waiting to sign up for the show.


 Above: Penny and my Dad.


 Above: My lil bro Riley. He is on Penny wearing my cowboy hat :P


 Above: Riley on Penny (and our awesome HUGE new toy hauler there in the background. haha)

 Above: Riley brushing Penny.


 Above: My little sister Raynee and my little brother Riley on Prez.


 Above: Prez and Penny.

 MY BARN PLAN: quickly put together, and just one idea.:





NEW PIX!!!!!










 Penners being a lazy girl. I loves my mare!! Look, I talk all weird when I talk about her, shes so purty!!


 I will also put pix of my dawgies on here! Thats Lady, the yellow one i guess you could say, and her pup Sketch, aka Jaws. Lady had seven puppies and we kept one. Anywho, they are getting a drink from Penny's trough.


 Penny again, look at her big pretty head! Oh yes, and of course the red neck broken down Blazer in the background, just lovely!!!


 Penny again... being boring. 


 I LOVE this picture!! She has such beautiful eyes!!!


 Penny again ... haha


 Look! Its a bird ... its a plane ... its Lady Luck, Super Mom!!! haha, she is sooo cute!


 Sketch-er-wetcher-woo! Thats what my sister calls him. He is SO adorable!! Yet a big pain in the rump!






 above-Me on Penny.


above- Me messing around on Penny.


 above- My sister on Penny.


 above- Penny headshot, look at the top of her blaze, it looks like a turkey!



 above-Penny bowing! Well, she's not really bowing, she was going dwon to eat, but it sorta looks like it!!!


 Me on Penny again.

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