You Can't Have A Good Horse, Unless It Gets The Best...

The Team


 Shawna Jensen: Used to be world wide barrel racing champion, before moving onto being one of the most renowned female professional bull riders. She lost her arm in a bull riding incident and now, at 29, she has started the hard core riding stable Cattle Creek Ranch. All of her riders are very well trained and pay good money to get the CCR experience.

Rogue, Cali, Shelby and Ken were all adopted by Shawna Jensen, the rest are regular attendees of CCR.



 Ken is a 15 year old boy that attends CCR daily to muck stalls and do chores, and of course ride horses. He is working hard on western pleasure and halter show.


Jolee is a very outgoing 15 year old girl who is always speaking her mind. She has the strongest of passions for horses, and is climbing the ladder with a sick jumping skill that will knock anyone dead.


 Shelby is quiet, but when it comes to horses, shes in it to win. Her riding skill is not hidden when she sits in the saddle, for she steals the show and kicks major butt in any competition she enters.


 **Picture coming soon**

 Amanda Pike is a new rider at CCR, and completely kicks trash. Anyone that comes up against this young lady in barrel racing or reining will seriously regret it.



 Tess is twelve, and will blow you away with her riding. She is the best jumper in the state of Utah, and has won several national junior jumping competitions.

 As like all riders at CCR, Rogue always snatches the blue ribbon. She excels in western pleasure and reining, and has yet to get a second place ribbon.



Cali is a leader, and she will dominate and annihilate. No one even stands the slightest of chances against this fireball. Her best sport is barrel racing, and thats all she plans to focus on. 


 (the picture didn't turn out how I wanted, it was supposed to look as if she was out in the desert with horses, just pretend its good and we will all be alright :P )

JD Jenson is a new stable hand at CCR, and she loves being a part of one of the best riding stables in the world. It is a great challenge to keep your riding talent equal with all the other riders. But JD always stays ahead of her game, especially in cutting.