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Mare Barn



 (i know shes supposed to be a stallion, but i like her better as a mare)

Show name- Smart Chic Olena

Barn name- Chic

Breed- American Quarter Horse

Color- sorrel

Age- 9

Trained in- champion at reining and cutting, any other western sport

      She is a very good trail and kid horse. Loves to herd cattle and will do anything you want her to do.  She like to be around the dogs and cows and other horses, in other words, she doesn't like to be alone. Really enjoys Banjo's company, the two are best of friends. She is a real hard ass mare, and hates it when other horses or people, call her a whimp or lazy etc. (i know, sounds weird, but its true :)

 (Below: KimberWood Stables' amazing gift to CCR, Chic LOVES it. THANKS KIMBERWOOD :) )





 Show name- Kiki's Mystic Prancer

Barn name- Prancer

Breed- Thoroughbred

Color- sorrel


Trained in- champion racer, western joy riding.

     Prancer loves to run. If she could, she would run all her life and never stop. The people of Cattle Creek can't even begin to explain how much this firey mare loves to run. She is stubborn and very tough. She likes things done the right way and is a very good mother. She can jump a little and do some western stuff, and is also a good trail horse. But this mare was definitely destined to racing. And rarely gets tired.





Show name- Bella De Luna Lila

Barn name-  Delilah

Breed- Mustang

Color- black

Age- 12

Trained in- barrels, poles, cutting, team penning, 4-H horse,pleasure and family horse. Also a retired world cutting, reining and barrel racing champion. champion. used to be number one bucking horse in the world.

     Delilah is the best kids horse you will find in a life time. She absolutely ADORES children. And she never ever gets spooked and is extremely sure footed. She has one alot of small competitions and used to be a full time barrel mare. Traveling all around the country for 6 yrs competing in rodeos. Not even having a real home. Just traveling around, living in makeshift corrals and horse trailers. And she loved it. She was famous all over the world. But when her owner got cancer and died, she was sold to a family with young children that the mare just adores. she is the most sweet natured and gentle and very smart horse ever. But she will stand up for herself and puts up a mean fight, she is strong physically and has a strong will. And the favorite on the farm. (even though all horses are loved equally) A SECRET JUST RELEASE ABOUT DELILAH! Delilah used to be so fierce and vicious that she was the number one bucking horse in the whole world!!!! She was purchased by by a young girl that gentled her and the two became best friends, until the girl got cancer and died. She was then sold to a family with small children, after the family moved to a condo and had to sell her, she ended up with Shawna, and she loves it at Cattle Creek.