You Can't Have A Good Horse, Unless It Gets The Best...

Gelding Barn


 Show name- Texas Fiddle

Barn name- Banjo

Breed- American Paint Horse

Colors- buckskin, black and white

Age- 10

Trained in- everything western, is a very good kid horse

      Banjo has been a very sweet and gentle horse since he was born. He especially loves kids and scratches on the underside of his neck. He has entered,and won almost everyone, close to 500 rodeos and shows. Including big national and world rodeos, halter, and western pleasure classes. Is very good at reining and cutting also. But his favorite is herding cattle and camping. 

Shows Entered-

Quarter Horse Class in Breyer Horse Show

Quarter Horse Class in Smokey Hallow Stables Show

Shows Won

He placed 3rd in one of Breyer Horse Show's classes in her Show.

And 1st in another class.

2nd Place is SHS Show, Class 12-Quarter Horses





Show name- Thee Desperado

Barn name- Zarquin

Breed- Egyptian Arabian

Color- bay

Age- 18

Trained in- stallion dancing, halter show, former cross country champion, now just english joy riding. WILL NOT WEAR A WESTERN SADDLE

     Zarquin is a stubborn hot headed arabian. He loves to be the center of attention. He is picky and selfish and is alot to handle and spooks at his own shadow, in other words is scared of everything but a crowd that has all their eyes on him.  But has sired very good foals. He will be gelded in the next week.