You Can't Have A Good Horse, Unless It Gets The Best...

Cattle Creek Ranch

    CCR is a twenty thousand acre ranch in the cactus scattered deserts and small oasis' of Texas. The vast range has many trails, grassy pastures and fun camp sites including a small forest, a lake and even a few cabins scattered here and there. Cattle Creek is by far one of the funnest places to have a riding adventure.

      All of the riders at CCR are very friendly, but when it comes right down to it, they are all in it for the sheer rush of the horse riding sport. They are all highly trained in thrill, and will deal with any pain and hard patches to obtain the blood curdling, heart stopping sensation.

     Since there are so many different riding abilities at Cattle Creek, Shawna makes sure everyone gets one on one training in order for them to obtain great skill and strengthen their passion of horses. You will never be turned down, or meet a single sour person at Cattle Creek, it is one of the most friendly places you will find anywhere, with hospitality, respect and friendship set as the three main rules, besides horses, of course. 


CCR Videos: